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How To: Use URL Protection feature in NTELogic Email Protection Service
Last Updated 3 years ago

Email Protection from NTELogic uses multiple industry-leading email security engines, that currently protect over 1 billion mailboxes globally, to provide an outstanding level of protection against known, unknown and emerging email threats, over and above what single engine services can offer.

Email Protection from NTELogic combines industry-leading email scanning engines with multiple tier-1 antivirus solutions front-ended with a comprehensive set of commercial black lists. Built-in data collection and analysis throughout the mail flow provides full message tracking and delivery assurance.

URL Protection prevents users from accessing known phishing sites or web pages containing malicious code. This proprietary technology rewrites all links within messages and then tracks when users click on them. When a link is clicked, URL Protection will immediately check the reputation of the page, and if unknown, will initiate a live scan of the page looking for malicious code. If the page is considered suspicious or dangerous, the user will be presented with an appropriate warning.

Based on the reputation of the page, one of the following messages will be displayed in your browser:

Safe Site

The site is safe and your browser will automatically proceed to the requested page.

Phishing Site

The site is determined to potentially be a phishing site, and should be avoided. If you are certain the site is harmless, you can click the Open anyway link to proceed to the site (NOT ADVISED).

Malware Site

The site is determined to be harmful, and should be avoided. Although you can click the Open anyway button, we strongly recommend you avoid any contact with the site. If you feel the site has been blacklisted incorrectly, please contact our office by calling (209) 790-4560.

Scan Unsuccessful

The site was not able to be scanned. This can occur if the site is an internal company site. The site is likely safe. You can proceed to the site by clicking the Open anyway button.

Scan Not Attempted

The site could not be scanned as doing so may result is an automated action such as unsubscribing to an email list you legitimately belong to. The site is likely safe and you can proceed to the site by clicking the Open anyway button.

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