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How To: Change Your Email Password (Legacy Email)
Last Updated 6 years ago

It is a good security practice to change your password periodically. To change your email account password, follow the steps below. Please note - changing your email password does not change your computer's password and/or your network password.

  1. Log in to the Outlook web app
  2. Click on the Settings icon...image
  3. Click on Change Password
  4. Enter your current password
  5. Enter your new password
  6. Re-enter your new password
  7. Click on save
  8. You're done!
Now that your password has been changed, you'll need to update your saved password in your Outlook client. Once the password change takes effect, Outlook will display a Logon Credentials box. Enter your new password and click OK.

You'll also need to update your saved password on your phone, tablet or any other mobile device you use for email

Password Best Practices:
  • A good password is at least 8 characters long, 10-14 characters in length is best.
  • Use a combination of letters, both upper & lower case, numbers and special characters (!@#$%^&*)
  • DO NOT use any part of your name, your family member's names, common words, birth dates or addresses.
  • DO use something you can easily remember. Creating and using a mnemonic is a simple way to remember your password. Here's a link to a good article about creating and using mnemonic passwords: Creating Mnemonic Passwords
If you would like assistance, please call our office at 209-790-4560, send an email to or simply open a support ticket here and we'll contact you right away to assist.

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