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What is the Comodo Anti-Malware Shared Space
Last Updated 4 years ago

The Comodo Anti-malware Shared Space is a virtual hard drive. Programs and files that may be suspicious can safely be opened within Shared Space as it is isolated from the rest of your computer.

  • Applications running in the container are not allowed to write to your local drive for security reasons. Instead, they write all data, and save all files, to a virtual drive.
  • If you want to access files in the container from your local system, then you should download them to the 'Shared Space'. Shared space is a special folder on your local drive to which contained applications are allowed to write.
  • Files in shared space can also be accessed by non-contained applications. The default location of the shared folder is 'C:/Program Data/Shared Space'.
  • Use the shared space desktop shortcut to quickly access all files saved/generated by contained applications.
  • Alternatively, open 'Tasks' > 'Containment Tasks' > 'Open Shared Space' in the CCS interface:

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